Are we are really living happy and peaceful life?

Here is first question which has to strike our mind or really need to think about it. We are born here on the beautiful planet called Earth and no wonder we are going to die some or another day. time between these two periods (birth and death)  is life. I am sure everyone gives or atleast try to give there best to live a life, Hold one second ,Are you really sure that you are living life ? or just pushing the days in order to survive in today’s big ,competitive world? Think on it. What is exactly we are looking for ? Job , Money, Business or Love ,Family , ambitions ? Its definitly good to have big dreams,desire,ambitions.We will talk about dreams in another article probably . My question is not about following the dream ,its about are you really happy about whatever you are doing ? First things its absolutely necessary to take care of family or be responsible but at the same  time look inside ,what you are soul needs ? Soul ,mind and body are three imp things of our life which we tends to be neglect most of the times. How are you balancing synchronisation between these 3 things. Our Soul always needs attention ,if its happy you are on the right track if not then make sure or find the way to make it happy. Mind has to be at peace. Do you have peaceful mind ?or there are thousands thoughts are struggling with each other ? “As you think so you become “its famous saying and which makes me sense, no wonder how much we says ourselves advanced human. Wether we are from 12th century or 21st century we cant neglect the fact. Techonology has made huge development and brought us togther what about the strom which is going in our mind ? Why our ancestor told us “health is wealth ” ? Sometimes we really know the things but we dont care about it unless we suffer. I believe each human is different and unique, they have there own opinions and priorities. My only intension to live happy and peaceful life ,dont fall for world.Follow you are inner voice. Do things which makes you happy (Dont forget to do right thing at the end kARMA serves you)